Complete Plumbing Contracting is an industry leader in hydraulic services that prides itself on dedication to results and unwavering quality.

The company Complete Plumbing Contracting was founded by Ben Young in 1997.

Complete Plumbing Contracting provides hydraulic plumbing services to the commercial construction industry. With over 26 years of industry experience, we recognise that the continued growth and success of our business has been based on developing long-term relationships with our clients, providing cost-saving design solutions, and delivering quality workmanship.


Today Complete has expanded into a passionate and thriving tier-one hydraulic services company that has delivered quality projects across Melbourne in all different sectors including Commercial, Residential, and Education.


Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees

that comply with all applicable
laws and regulations. We have established health and safety objectives in line with our HSEQ Management System and we continue to promote a zero harm safety culture.


In order to maintain our tier one status

we are constantly adapting to the ever changing market demands of the industry, generating new innovative methods promoting sustainability for the community, our people and our clients.


Building strong relationships is key

Our history of long standing commitment to our employees, clients and suppliers is a testament to our loyalty, with hard work and dedication being the forefront of building these relationships.

Our approach on delivering projects to our clients involves utilising our long standing
relationships with suppliers, key staff and the use of quality materials demonstrates we are a
consistent and reliable company


We recognise the advantages of exposing ourselves into different sectors of the construction industry.

We believe our versatility is valuable to our clients by adapting to diverse client needs
and offering bundled services that are cost-effective and efficient.



Ben Young Director
David Edgcumbe Director
Lucas Eddington Director
Ryan Elliott Director
Bruce Steele Director